Dr. Joseph Carvalho


Dr. Joseph Carvalho – B.Sc., D.C.

Dr Joseph Carvalho was born in Toronto, Ontario and completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology at the University of Toronto in 1995. He then pursued his postgraduate education and completed his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic University in 1999. Upon completion of his education Dr Carvalho began practice in Woodstock, Ontario in 2000 and joined Baldwin Street Chiropractic that same year becoming full time practitioner in 2002 and co-owner in 2008.

Dr Carvalho is also certified in Cox Spinal Decompression Technique and musculoskeletal acupuncture. He implements diversified chiropractic corrective adjustments, along with using various muscle and myofascial release techniques to treat his patients. He also provides nutritional recommendations, rehabilitative exercises, ergonomic instructions along with various therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound, electric point stimulation and deep percussive instrumentation depending on patient need. Dr Carvalho is actively involved with continuing education and professional development to provide his patients with the most current and effective therapies available.

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